Digital Hybrid Lab Week #3 Blog

In today’s society, the human race is hustling to stay current with the uprise in technology. One of the latest uproars has been the creative outlets found with Ableton Live. This digital audio workstation, according to The Guardian, although not “immediately accepted” by schools yet, is a hardware that can teach “creativity without requiring the skills and years of piano lessons, and their making something cool.” This article that I came across strikes controversy right off the bat from its title: “Can Electronic Music Revolutionize School Music Lessons?” It discusses the slow switchover from traditional classic-based curriculum to technology such as the Ableton Push. I love when reading this article, that the author plays devil’s advocate, and discusses how there have been many concerns about “children already spending to much time in front of computer screens” and other forms of technology. In my opinion, I think that the core principles and teachings of music should not be thrown away; the art of music is compiled of many building blocks that lay a foundation for technique and musicality. With that said, ┬áit is time to stop battling the advancements that our world is making, but using it for our beneficial use. Ableton is a prime example of how music can be brought into classrooms settings in new, creative and non-traditional ways. This generation is so accustomed to technology at their fingertips, that the possibilities are endless on what music can be made.




Digital Hybrid Lab Week #2 Blog

One of the most prestigious, talented musicians paving the musical world today is the one and only Eric Whitacre. It is breath taking the sound and music that he is able to produce, and the music that he has composed is absolute gold. In today’s society, technology is continuously opening doors and new experiences, especially when it comes to music. The possibilities seem endless right now, but Whitacre never fails to test the waters and create a masterpiece that no one else ever has. Back in 2013, along with many other multiple occasions, Eric Whitacre staged a performance not only with 100 live singers, but was also joined by over 30 people from various countries around the world via Skype. Whitacre by that time had already astonished the musical world by his virtual choir that he created, which was enabled through the use of the internet. Just as music continues to evolve, technology is constantly changing, improving, and progressing to newer and better things. With that said, Eric Whitacre is one of the greatest examples of musical influencers/teachers who utilizes and combines the power of music and technology, to create something remarkable.

A choir live and online: Eric Whitacre at TED2013