Digital Hybrid Lab Week #4 Blog

These past two weeks I decided to research and play around with Soundtrap as one of my DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation). Although I was not too familiar with this DAW, and all the features it had to offer, I am intrigued with the creativity and access that can be explored through Soundtrap! The biggest thing that I’ve learned so far ties into an article or review I found by Small Edtech. They stated how Soundtrap “is minimalistic without being overbearing but screams easy to use.” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little overwhelmed at first when exploring this workstation, and not knowing how to utilize all of its features correctly, but I have come to learn how simplistic and straightforward it is! I also found Soundtrap’s video tutorials useful when it comes to PRN. They walk a beginner like me step by step on how to use their features, and provide a lot of information on where to locate certain features, how to use them, etc. Ultimately, I am excited to learn more about this DAW, and become very familiar with it so I can one day incorporate it into my own classroom!


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