Digital Hybrid Lab Week #5 Blog

The last three weeks I have been working on the DAWs section of the Build my Chops project. Before enrolling in this class, I would say the level of knowledge or experience that I had with technology, especially these workstations was little to nothing. With that said, it has been a little bit frustrating trying to dive into these programs, because it has taken more time to become acquainted and comfortable with that I am doing. Nevertheless, the internet has been my best resource, with videos, tutorials, and instructions on how to use DAWs such as Ableton, Garage Band, and Soundtrap. To this day I still do not fully understand how to use these to their max capacity, and know it’ll come with practice, but I have taken it upon myself to watch as many videos and tutorials as I need in order to work my way through them! These past couple of Fridays have been used to explore and absorb all the information that I could; moving forward, with this last Friday that I have, I plan to apply all that I have learned to start and finish my projects! I know my skills will not be perfected, but I am excited to expand my abilities and experience with technology and music.



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