Digital Hybrid Lab Week #6 Blog

It has been a very interesting experience working on the DAW project, but from where I started to now finishing the project, I have learned so much! This project focused intently on PRN, or Piano Roll Notation. Using a DAW platform, such as Garage Band, Soundtrap, or Ableton, PRN is a great tool to graphically display MIDI note data. Especially with the three DAW’s listed above, there are several creative and unique features that can be utilized along with PRN. Going into this project, I was extremely overwhelmed with the formats of the DAW’s, but soon came to learn how easy and fun PRN can be! I created a cover of “I’m Yours” by Jason Meraz through GarageBand. This was done through recording a couple vocal and piano tracks, then putting them all together! Knowing the direction that our society is heading with technology, I can only see the benefits of incorporating tools like PRN into a classroom. PRN not only tests one’s musical abilities, but their use of compilation and use of technology. A teacher could utilize a DAW and PRN to help teach students musical skills, and allow their musical creativity to take off in new ways. I hope when I have a future classroom, that I will be able to provide this same opportunity for my students, where they can experience music making through a newer foundation. I would not want to take away from the core fundamentals already implemented in the classroom, but this technology that is sitting in our laps is the new frontier of where our society is headed, and so why not dive into music any way that we can!



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