Digital Hybrid Lab Week #7 Blog: PROJECT

It has been a really interesting learning experience working on the cover project with the junior high kids, as it has really flourished new thoughts and skills that I need to consider while preparing to be a future educator. One of the biggest setbacks that I can state on my group’s behalf is level at which each group member is starting at, troubles with prior knowledge regarding music theory and technology (Ableton), etc. I know in our DHL class many have shared these same concerns, and this project has taken longer than expected to get the ball rolling. Roger posed this question – “If you would do this in your future classroom, how would you do it? How would you allow for variety of interests in skill levels while keeping it manageable?” I’ve thought about this a lot recently, especially in many of my other classes that I am enrolled in this semester in regards to the classroom setting; as future music educators, each student is not going to be a cookie cutter musician that are all at the same level of skill, performance, and technique. With that said, ultimately I think it is our job to guide these students into educational experiences that will unlock the doors, of creativity, vulnerability, and a setting where they can flourish from their initial starting point. In response to his question, I think I would keep a flexible mindset with my students, but would realistically push my students towards a unified goal that they could all achieve. I think over anything, instilling the overarching objective that the point is not to check the assignment off the list, but be able to add to the list the skill sets and experiences that the student has learned and gained from the assignment is key. Ultimately, the perfect classroom scenario will always change, and will be a continual work in progress to strive towards, but I hope to give my students the opportunity to stretch themselves as a musician and human in my own classroom one day.



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