Digital Hybrid Lab Week #9 Blog

After completing the collaborative project with Roger’s junior high kids, I was very intrigued by what Roger had to say, and his reasoning for many things. Going into this project, high hopes and achievable objectives were set, but sadly the project was not executed by all students in a way that would’ve been hoped for. Our conversation with Roger was very enlightening, regarding the issues that took place with many of his students, and how he was handling them. At the end of the day, I know for my group, according to Roger’s rubric, all the requirements were not “completed;” with that said, this was a valuable project for me because I learned so much about a digital platform that I was not acquainted with. Personally, my end goal was not completion, but more progress. I had a desire and interest to learn everything I could about Ableton, knowing I wouldn’t be a master at it, but would have exposure to the program. I tie this back in to what Roger was saying, because a core issue that he observed and we discussed was the lack of drive students had to tackle a fun collaborative project. Schooling and education in general is a place where kids should be able to creatively explore and express themselves. In other words, their is a desire to increase their knowledge because curiosity stems at the base of their roots. This is something that can be hard to try and implement into someone’s mentally, especially if that drive is not instilled in someone from the onset. Nevertheless, I think how Roger approached the situation was something similar that I would do, in which I would shove learning down anyones throat. I believe education is a privilege that many people, including myself have taken for granted. Therefore, my own personal philosophy on the matter is we can provide students with all the tools and knowledge to thrive and learn, but it is truly up to with that they will do with it.



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