Digital Hybrid Lab Week #10 Blog


This past week, my Digital Hybrid Lab class finished up our second rounds of the Build Your Chops Project. I was apart of the Audio Interface group, which focused on tasks such as using audio interface with several DAW stations, learning the proper use of microphones and xlr chords, and recording and processing sounds. In my personal opinion, I found this project very rewarding; the information and skills that I learned were things I have been exposed to over the years, but now I have them in my own belt of tools as a future teacher. With the direction that our society is headed, being technologically savage is very useful. In a music classroom setting, this doesn’t just mean knowing how to use a computer, but all the unique devices and programs such as DAWs that can be used to make music. One of the biggest take aways that I had from this project was the proper technique with handling microphones and xlr chords. As a hopeful future choral teacher, I would ideally love to have jazz groups that use these things. Therefore, having a background knowledge of how to use them efficiently is key!



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