Digital Hybrid Lab Week #11 Blog

The invisible line between tradition and innovative practices is quickly being erased and merged, as technology is becoming a critical aspect in today’s educational settings. Music education is not exempt from this fact, but rather is experiencing confusion regarding the level of balance that should be maintained with with traditional teaching and incorporating technology. I came across the article put out by The National Association for Music Education, that stated several interesting statistics about how technology is being used in the classroom. A couple of these statements that intrigued me most were that “74% of teachers feel that technology supports and expands curriculum,” “48% of teachers make online lessons plans,” and “74% says technology motivates students to learn.”  It fascinates me to think about how much the world of music in an educational setting could shift with the integration of technology. I question if its for the better, or if its better to stick to the traditional ways of teaching, but am excited as a future educator to see what ways I can make music with students! This generation is equipped with some incredible programs and devices, and therefore instead of fighting this technology movement, I think its wise for music educators to use it to our benefit!



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