Digital Hybrid Lab Week #12 Blog

For my PLN project, another music teacher that I found online talking about using technology in the classroom is Amy M Burns. As an elementary music educator, author, clinician, and musician, Burns currently works at Far Hills Country Day School. She has been recognized and has received several awards for her role and work in helping integrate technology into the classrooms. I came across a blog post that she recently posted called “Using Technology to Assist With Assessment in the Elementary General Music Classroom,” that draws on ideas put out by the most recent issue of NAfME’s “Teaching Music.” This read was very insightful, as it brought to my attention the benefits of incorporating technological tools into the classroom. While she goes into detail about these programs, such as Socrative and SMART technologies, she drive her point back in at the end while discussing the positives of specifically using technology in music classrooms. She states how technology can “be a great assessment tool to enhance vocal assessments, concert evaluations,” “assist students in finding fingering charts for instruments,” and ultimately is a great way to “assist with assessing numerous students.” In the direction today’s society is headed, we need to utilize the technology we have to our greatest capabilities, in all settings! A music classroom is not exempt from this need, as the possibilities of learning can are are being expanded through the use of technology in the classroom.



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