Digital Hybrid Lab Week #13 Blog

As we wrap up on our Build Your Chops Project, I came across one more article that intrigued my interest, in relation to music and technology. What is crazy to me is this article, “Technology and the Future of Music,” published back in October of 1999 by Tod Machover, was spot on in the direction that music and technology were and are headed in today. Machover, an international composer and director of the Hyperinstruments/Opera-of-the-Future Group in Cambridge MA, recognizes the exponential potential that music and technology had over the course of the next 25 years. He stated how “In fact, the technology themselves have never grown faster, and it is more important than ever to make sure that expression stays ahead of technical constraint or imperative. And the potential of emerging technologies is enormous.” To think if he was discovering these connections with music and technology almost 20 years ago, where CD’s and soundtracks were a huge hit, and then to realize the leaps of discovery that we’ve made as a society is incredible. There is a bright future in the relationship of music and technology, and its only going to expand more and more!




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