Professional Development Activity Reflection

This semester, I had the opportunity to attend an Arizona Orff’s Association Workshop on February 25th, 2017. This workshop was under the direction of Jim Solomon, who put on a remarkable workshop about music education with children. Jim Solomon was absolutely intriguing, as he not only offered valuable information, personal experiences, and tools to use as future educators, but allowed many hands-on opportunities throughout the session to help us experience what a lesson plan might look like in an elementary classroom setting. This workshop was neat to also see the interaction and engagement that occurred between the several music teachers that were in attendance. Everyones’ input and questions were valued by Jim, as he applied them to real life situations. One concept that really intrigued my interest was the idea of directive listening. In a classroom setting, the ability to listening and validating a child’s learning through directive commands and responses is something that I did not recognize or give a label to before this conference! When working with children, and as a future music educator, we have the ability to open their minds and the expand the horizons of learning. Although I do not plan on working in an elementary setting, after attending this  workshop, I have several new tools and activities under my belt that I will utilize in the future!



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